Hats have become one of the most used accessories by the modern gentlemen. A hat is not worn just for style, but it defines ones’ personality as well. They are practical, comfortable, and they are also a good way of adding a touch of personal style to your outfit. High-quality hats are an excellent addition to a man’s wardrobe. They come in different fabrics, shapes, and sizes. Here are various types of classic hat styles for the modern man.

The Fedora

This is a well-made hat with a flexible brim that can be shaped to fit the wearer’s taste. Unlined and crushable fedoras are available in the market as well. The brim is about 2 5’’ depending on the size and shape of the face. You can snap it down, up, front or back for a perfect shape.accessoriesrightbdsnf

The Trilby

This type of hat has a short and narrow brim. The hat can easily be snapped down at the front and turned up at the back to give it a perfect shape. Usually, it is made of synthetic fabric and has a shorter crown when it is compared to other hats.

The Homburg

This is considered fedora’s cousin. It is the best choice for a business look. And just like the fedora, it has a creased crown in the center, but with a stiffer brim compared to the fedora. You cannot snap it down or mold it because of its stiffness.

The Boater

These are flat-topped straw hats that have wide brims. They are nowadays considered novelty items but are also appropriate attire for regatta and rowing events. Most barbershop quartets also wear these hats. They are perfectly acceptable as a summer option for homburg or fedora.

Top hats

These are used as accompaniments to your morning dress. The formal daytime standard of morning dress normally requires light colored hats. The white tie which is worn commonly at night blends with black hats.

The Panama

accessoriesleftsdhfjgkThis is a hat of Ecuadorian origin. The Panama is a traditional straw hat. Its shape looks like a trilby but similar to Fedora. It is made from plaited leaves of palm-like plants. These types of hats are very relaxed are suitable for lightweight styles and loosened formality experienced in tropical climates.

You can choose a hat from these different types based on your preference and personality to enhance your look.